Since early 2002, Nightline radio follows a simple instinct: to spread the music we love and listen to in the depth of the net. It all started smaller than it is today, with less bandwidth and more technical limitations. Now and then the fun at it was central. It should always be not only a simple radio for club music. We were broadcasting live from events like the Mellow Park, sent readings of friends or streamed directly from the floor of the Berlin Watergate on fridays into the world. Many of our friends who are DJs made exclusive mixes, others used Nightline radio for promotion of their new tracks.

In 2005, we were briefly facing extinction. The long arm of GEMA (Association for Music Performance Rights and Mechanical Reproduction Rights) forced many radios to quit. Nightline Radio decided for an alternative: away from the license and copy rights prosecutions towards the distribution of music under Creative Commons license, a label for free music. Since then the program is arranged around the clock with free music from netlabels, which sometimes no longer exist and others who want to develop the music further and allow room for experimentation. In addition to new tracks which we root up in many different places and platforms, Nightline Radio has developed to a small archive of Netlabel culture of the last decade. With plenty of new releases there is no end in sight, luckily.

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